In the Driver’s seat…

A versatile player,
Has different roles,
At different times

Of all the roles,
It took quite a while,
To don the role of a driver.

A cherished dream of my mom,
Craved to see her girl,
Empowered enough ,
To hold her own in a man’s world,
At par in a car of her own.

Oh yea,
Behind the wheel,
Being one with the machine,
The thrill of power,
The feel of carefree freedom,
The sound of music,
The company of a loved one,
An unbeatable high.

Oh yea,
Maoeuvring the maze,
Of heavy city traffic,
Finding a gap and moving ahead,
Making a clean cut.

Away from a freaky biker
Taking a wide curve to surge ahead,
At a U turn where an Audi stuck and struggling,
Taking a lead at another crossing,
To race ahead of all the others,
Small Eureka moments.

Oh yea,
Amazing to note Chivalry,
On the road,
When a Gentleman of a “Big” car,
Makes an eye contact through layers of glass,
With half a smile and a nod,
Is willing to slow down,
To let a lady pass,
Making me blush with pleasure.

Oh yea,
Disgusting to note Chauvinism as well,
Intimidating with too much intimacy,
Huge buses just inches apart,
Incessant honking in standstill jam,
Loud rude shouts while overtaking,
Oh well all a part of the game.

Oh yea,
Its just like a video game,
Missing the hits,
Winning the points,
Day after day,
To reach home safely
For another game,
The next day.

© 2016 Haseena Dudekula