On Being a Mom…

When my little angel arrived,
I was hardly ready,
It was all new for me,
This little bundle of energy,
Always cribbing ,
for this or that,
There was no other world,
It was just my baby n me.

The first crawl,
the first step,
the first word,
Were great ,
thrilling moments.

The first cough,
The first fever,

The first medical ,
Were great ,

As the years passed by,
The little one turned,
Into a toddler,
Ready to welcome,

Another sibling.

By now,
I was like half a mom,
Ready for the challenges,
Feeling like a juggler,
It was a roller coaster,
Ride all the way.

And its still one till date,
The hugs,the kisses,the care,
the scoldings,the arguments,
the tears,
Are all worth it.

When I hear them say,
You are the best,
I still dnt believe them,
And feel I still havnt done enough,

Being a mom,
Is the toughest job,
The most challenging,
It makes one human,
Fills one with compassion,
Changes one for ever.

Very soon my little birdies,
Will fly away from our nest,
To build nests of their own,
And be moms themselves.

I only hope,
I have set an example,
Just like my mom,
Who set one for me.


E V E R Y D A Y…

© 2016 Haseena Dudekula