For my Unborn bro,

If only I had a real bro,
Is what I am beginning,
To feel lately,
More so on a day,
Like Rakhshabandhan.

If I had a bro,
he would have been ,
the replica of my dad ,
For sure,
strong strong and
very very strong,
in all ways.

If I had a bro,
he would have been a leader,
among men,
shouldered responsibilities,
he would have earned ,
the respect of all.

If I had a bro,
he would have been,
a man of compassion ,
Always there for his,
family n friends.

If I had a bro,
I would have had ,
a best friend for a lifetime,
He would have been,
A pillar of.strength,
would never ever stop talking to me,
Would take every word ,
of mine seriously.

If I had a bro ,
I would have,
pampered him completely,
teased him, bullied him and,
just freaked out with him.
His sweetheart ,
would have been mine too,
his kids would have been mine too.
vow what a life that would have been.

I miss you my dear unborn bro,
nobody can ever take your,
special place in my life,
I wish all the sisters out there,
to cherish your brothers,
and hold them close to your heart,
let nobody and nothing,
come between you and your bro.

Though I have no bro,
Yet I have a sis,
And what a sis,
To take the place ,
Of my Unborn bro.

Happy Rakshabandhan
To all the brothers n sisters…..

* Rakshabandhan is an Indian festival celebrating a brother sister relationship.

© 2016 Haseena Dudekula