Confessions of an average student….


I have been an average student all my life,

never sat in the first bench,

neither was I a back bencher,

always anonymous somewhere between the two extremes.

Going to school was always a nightmare,

Monday was the worst day of all.

All the new lessons would start on that day,

All the homework would be checked on that day.

My sunday was always ruined from post lunch onwards,

thinking about the next day,

there was never any excuse to escape from school.

Being a convent school added to the anxiety,

in addition to Mom’s discipline at home.

Being an average student,

I was neither a favourite of the teachers,

nor popular among my classmates.

I was never asked questions by the teachers,

if by chance I was made to stand up,

I would just hang my head down absolutely dumb.

I never had any doubts,

As I could never follow the lessons in the class.

  I was a permanent among the students,

who were made to kneel down outside the class.

Year after year passed by,

I slowly climbed up the ladder,

Just slipping through the door to the next class by scoring averages.

I was just a name in the register with a roll number,

just there to occupy a place on the third bench,

just there to clap for others.

I was just there

existent yet non existent,

somewhere along the line,

this average student became a teacher,

this teacher today identifies children just like herself,

encourages them,

motivates them,

most of all makes them feel wanted,

makes them feel a part of the class,

she doesnt want another child,

to go through what she underwent,

of being existent yet non existent.


© 2016 Haseena Dudekula

Pic courtesy:Google Images