The World of Words
………….. haseena

I live in a world of words,
Words of different kinds,
Floating around me,
Clambering and crowding,
Jostling with each other,
To take their places,
In unformed sentences.

Words have a soul of their own,
 Pregnant with meaning,
Which even the creator,
Might not intend,
Yet they go right ahead,
And hit the targets.

Sometimes the heart,
Sometimes the mind,
With astonishing results,
The consequences,
Beyond our control.

Words are powerful,
Making or breaking,
They carry charm,
As well as harm,
Love, hate, anger, pain
And many more…

Use them with care,
To weave a web,
Of magic,
To spread love and cheer,
In a world of pain,
And suffering.

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© Haseena Dudekula