A commedy of errors….

It’s my new mobile,
Am thrilled to bits

Raring to explore,
Anticipating great ,

Unaware of a monster,
Lurking for its prey

In a day I discover,
That my mobile,
Knows it all.

The moment I type,
The first letter,
Words are formed.

It doesn’t agree ,
Neither with my vocab,
Nor my grammar.

It changes gender,
At its will,
Vijay becomes Vijaya.
To my horror,
Sripad turns stupid,
Durga becomes Drugs,
Karmakar becomes Karnataka,
Babita becomes habits,
Dutt becomes duty.

What is this monster,
Doing in my mobile?
Is it there to check my spells?
Or test my spells?
Is it correcting mine?
Or am I correcting it?

What is this auto spell check?
Life was so much easier,
Before its advent,
It’s making a complete fool,
Out of me,
Messing around with my words,
And friends.

© 2016 Haseena Dudekula