Hangover Continues….

A golden period
Of my life.
With zest of youth,
With stars in my eyes,
I had set out ,
To earn name and fame,
In my chosen Vocation.

It was,
A life that taught ,
Me the ways of ,
The world.

A life that taught,
Me to be,
Not only a responsible teacher,
But also an emphatic
Surrogate parent to my students.

It was a life,
that taught me ,
adaptability to the basic,
conditions of life.

It was a life ,
That brought out the best in me,
And made a leader of a timid introvert person like me.

It was a life,
That taught me skills to face the worst in life and made a survivor out of me.

It was a life,
That provided me the platform to nurture the creativity within me.

It was a life,
That showed me the direction,
I was to take to move ahead.

It was a life ,
That rekindled the patriotic spirit and secularism which remain ingrained in my character for ever.

It was a life,
Which made me,
From a caterpillar to a Butterfly.

To fly into the beautiful,
Garden of life.
For that I remain indebted ,
To my karma bhoomi,
My students and my friends at JNV Wardha.