In Memoriam…..

The first time ,
I saw you,
You stole my heart,
Cute, adorable
And very lovable.

Every time,
I visited your home,
It felt like a reunion,
With a long lost,

You recognised,
My presence,
Long before ,
I even reached,
Your doorstep.

The welcome,
You gave me,
Climbing ,
All over me,
Licking away,
My face,
Will remain ,

You insisted,
On getting,
Patted and petted,
And taking away,
The goody ,
Brought for you,
And hiding it ,
Under the carpet.

You then settled ,
Down to listen ,
To the chatter,
Of two buddies,
Getting up,
Only to bid ,
Me goodbye.

Dear Sofi,
You will be,
Missed .
Warm tears ,
A heart filled,
With love ,
Bid you,
The final ,
May your soul
Rest in Peace.

© 2016 Haseena Dudekula

Pic : Ishrath Hussain