Whenever I pass this Majestic tree on the main road opposite SVS Medical Hospital and College, Mahabubnagar,it invariably draws my attention,the strong branches spread all around giving the appearance of an old affectionate Grandmom.

The road widening project is slowly inching it’s way into the town and the age old trees are falling victims . It saddens me immensely to be a mute witness to this spectacle and I stand helpless and distraught.


Awaiting my fate

I have been here,
I don’t know
Since how long…
I have been here,
A part of a great jungle,
One among many,
Of my own ilk.
From a small sapling,
To a giant,
Standing tall,
In Rain and shine
Majestically, Royally
And Proudly.
Then the man came,
With him his luggage,
His wants,needs and greeds.
Small huts at first,
Then fields for farming,
Then came the concrete jungles,
I stand here forlornly,
In their way of roads and highways
Knowing that my days are numbered,
To bid goodbye to my beloved
Motherland which gave me life
And nurtured me to nurture life,
Awaiting my destiny.

Copyright (C) haseena 2017

Pic courtesy: Personal, a banyan tree at a crucial point on the main road,it’s only a matter of time before the end.