On Being Strong,
………. haseena.

Being complimented,
As a strong woman,
May appear flattering,
Believe me,
It is not.

Being strong,
Is a burden,
A trap, a cage.
It comes with its share,
Of responsibilities,
Of great expectations.

Being strong,
Makes one do things,
Beyond one’s capabilities,
Against one’s wishes,
Just to keep to the image.

Being strong,
Disqualifies you,
From expressions,
Of Emotions.

Being strong,
Is the result of years,
Of toil and tears,
Of endless sacrifices,
To replace tears with smiles,
On the faces we love.

Being strong,
Means selflessness,
Before selfishness,
Never able to take,
A step back.

Being strong,
Means commitment,
Even in the face of,
Great hardships.

Oh why,
Do you trap me?
Just let me be,
A human just like ,
everyone else.

With a heart that,
Craves to be loved,
Not awed but,
To be hugged,
To be lovingly called,
A darling, honey ,
Or a sweetheart.

Once in a while,
Just once in a while,
Address me with love,
Shower me with hugs,
Pamper me with kisses,
Only once in a while,
Replace taking by Giving…

Then I think,
I can carry the burden,
Of a crown,
On my head,
Of being strong.

© 2016 Haseena Dudekula